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When Myth and History Merged into Mystery

by Frost Giant

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Tonight we settle scores. From the first veil of snow to the last breath of winter, treading forth in the shivering wastes, Will this long journey ever end? Forty years wandering, cold, lost, and weary, with little strength to carry on, Under the weight of this burden... The crushing weight of all my years. Chorus: From the forests to the skies, across the ocean's dismal tide, through the boundless wake of frozen glacier's rage... For the last time I will ride forth, and once more I shall abideth, to return a debt; my honor satisfied. From the dawning of Spring to the twilight of Autumn, and all throughout the Summer's flame, Restless and worn with season's change. And I don't know how much longer I will go on, Will I take this to my grave? O, Gods, release me from my fate! And yet I fear it's far too late... Chorus Bridge: At last, I can breathe but for a day. In dreams, forever night, when will I stay? At last, I can breathe.
A Common Son 04:38
Intro: When you hear the calling of your clan and join with the spirit of the land Embrace your Folk and celebrate and honor; All of those who walked in years gone past and those with you who will stand fast With the lives of our future sons and daughters Verse: A common son, united by the past Product of our forefathers, our mothers, our kindred Seen through their eyes, The Folk Spirit carries on, enduring through our lives, The essence of our ancestry survives Chorus: And we live on, through the ages evermore A culture immortalized, carved into history Our deeds will live forever A common son, with roots ten thousand strong Orlog materialized, cast into destiny Go forth and bring glory Repeat intro We drink to you! Verse 2: We are reborn, from our ancestral line Reincarnation draught from the well of time Ever again, until the last light fades Into eternity, returning to the forge from whence we came Repeat Chorus And make us proud (you'll make us proud) This is our time, our place is now Go with blessings There is your future, live life with pride Go with blessings And make us proud This is your time, You'll make us proud.
And we march on through the frigid night, In the shadow of our forefathers, we brave the Winter's might Soldiering across this barren land to where we'll join our kin And resist the invading warriors of Christendom who're threatening To destroy our very way of life Lay siege to the cross Don't let them gain upon your ground Fight to defend your clan Cut every last one of them down ...before they kill us all And put our women and children to their swords and burning stakes And raze our temples and destroy our lore, our tales of old Traditions handed down for eons, from the bards, we're told We must not let this be our fate.
Verse Will you stand with me? Fight and die if need be? Hold against the hordes until the last man falls? Will you sacrifice all you have gained in life? Reject your comfort for a greater end? Stand together, never waver Brave in the face of overwhelming odds For our future, and for freedom, We unite in liberty, or death. Chorus: The evil stirs from its sleep, and no one will be safe from its reach For we shall fight to be free, and never will we bend our knee Verse: Forever clawing, fight like a demon Taking it to the very bitter end Swords are drawing, battle lines forming Storm clouds are churning, soon there will be war The earth will be fed with blood, And the skies will weep unto the dead Never give up, never back down We unite in liberty or death Chorus: Tonight, we lay down our lives in the path of those who would oppress And enslave us to their god, and trod us under till we are no more. Bridge: Not while I draw breath, will I submit, will I accept. Not while I draw breath, will I bow down, nor will I live with empty regret. Now feel the sting of a thousand swords, vanquish the horde, drive them away To the darkness from whence they came, obliterate, they are no more Overwhelm them all take what is ours Crush the wretched enemy Bring victory to our hearth and home.


released April 21, 2012


all rights reserved



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