The Process Of Grief

by Your Spirit Dies

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10" vinyl coming soon on Blasphemour Records.


released January 25, 2020

Recorded by Derick Caperton at DSC Recordings
Mixed/Mastered by Connor McAuliffe
Art by Jonah Thorne


all rights reserved



Blasphemour Records Durham, North Carolina

Blasphemour Records
PO Box 666
Franklinton, NC 27525

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Track Name: Distorted by Absence
A practice in respiration, breathe out then in
As doors begin to shut, new chapters begin
Rosaries clutched then tossed in the dirt
My faith diminishes as I succumb to the hurt
Your Spirit Dies
My heart breaks as you waste away
You’ll forget my name for one more day
The sky grows colder and bereft of light
Your waning memory matches your fading sight
I watch as you grasp for your final breath
One day in life and the next in death
(You said) that everything was fine
(Never once) did it cross my mind
That I would be on the other side of the flatline
Giving up the ghost as your soul resigns
My reflection is distorted by your absence
Though you’ll live on in unending heartache
How much longer must I pretend
That the hurt won’t turn to hate?
Track Name: Bound to Nothing
In the valleys of my mind
By the lies that shroud my eyes
This sea of flames is ever binding
Betrayal runs so deep
Bound to nothing
Your truth
Is so
Dead and Empty
The death
Of a fallen angel
Hatred casts you down
In purgatory youll remain forever
Suffer, rot, in flame
Bound to nothing
Your truth
Is so
Dead and Empty
This is your sanctuary
This is your judgement
Your sights were set
ahead of your will
What once was ever so beautiful
Now decays in hell
Decays in hell
Death of
A fallen angel
Blinded by false doctrine
Your sights were set ahead of your will
What once was ever so beautiful
Now decays
In hell
Track Name: A Prayer for Reprieve
The light in my eyes
Clenching my skin
Lungs paralyzed
Kneel on the floor
A prayer for reprieve
My pupils retract
Reject the air I breathe
I surrender
As consciousness fades
Longing for death
To come save me
And sever the ties
With the man I’ve become
I hear the whispers
As the lights lure me in
An oath marked in blood
Drives the final nail
This shell
Is no longer my home
My body wrapped tight
Within the reapers
Cold dead arms
The sound of my my final breath
Brings so much warmth
My soul ascends
Oh sweet death
Take me home
This is my prayer for redemption
Track Name: Gethsemane
As I think of your face
My mind laced in regret
Another look in the mirror
To find I’m the one I hate
What have I done
To the ones that I loved?
I know you’re peering down
Disheartened by what I’ve become
Where should I go?
I look forward, but I see no road
Mangled vines embellished in thorns
Surround the path to redemption’s door
Track Name: Effigy of Failure
A fall from grace
An effigy of failure
Erected in my place
My fingers bleed
As they caress the broken mirror
A reflection of my face
What have I become?
Bound to a fleshly tomb
Where the sun will never touch
Buried alone
Suffocate in soil
No more solace to be found
My chest ripped open
Expose the tainted heart
My spirit accepts its fate
For I
Have sang
A hymn
Of blasphemy
Take my eyes
So that I am blind
To the harm my hands have forged
Tear away
These chains decayed
To seek restoration once more
Rise and reform
Separate from scorn
The shell is burned away
And new life is born
Skin stretched thin
My features distinguished
No longer distorted
My self realization
I’ve found comfort in your absence
The effigy
Of failure
Has fallen
I fear death no longer