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Split EP

by Bleak / Sovereign

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king in all but name devastation wrought, surveyed calling into the dark for warmth of final spark here we are again drowning in motion the future can’t be helped driven by need conspiring obscured by smoke action mistaken for luck of the devil self determined fractal motion fess up you don’t know what the hell you’re doing all motion derived from the prime mover
Whatever god you created abandoned you long ago As the infant reaches out to strangle its own mother In the depths of every poison river and in every gust of filthy wind The end is apparent, and well deserved We shuffle, heads down, willing partners in our own demise Who will stop those that care not to stop themselves? A ship of fool, sinking faster than any can bail Invent a new syndrome, follow it with a new cure For a problem that only exists because we created it Diagnose, identify, malign, you’re buried long before you’ve died And no one will miss you if you’re gone But you were never here, and now you’re fucking gone
You pose yourself as pious nothingness awaits you Rely on ancient falsehood And rewards you think due Unite behind your false idol, may your ignorance shield you And I’m so fucking tired, and you’re so god damn stupid You’d lost your way, joined the flock Fucking broken, the filth you hide is all you are Vermin scurry back to your hallowed houses Scream your bullshit at the empty fucking skies that are completely indifferent to whether or not you fucking exist


3 Song split EP from Bleak & Sovereign.

Cassette out soon on Blasphemour Records.


released March 29, 2015

Bleak is:
Thomas Calandra, Skot, Nick Shelton & Matthew Jaime

Sovereign is:
Jeremy Lorenzon, Ross Cohen, Trevor Machinia, and Danny Katz

Get Killed & Eunuch were recorded, mixed, and mastered
by Matt Buckley, all in six hours

Artwork by Bobby Gorham


all rights reserved



Blasphemour Records Franklinton, North Carolina

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PO Box 666
Franklinton, NC 27525

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