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Order of the Wolf

by Chaos Order & Werewolf Congress

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They seep into your skin. Your whole system they will poison. Reborn through humanity's venom. Euthanize the mass group. Detractors, subtracting from you. Depopulate the entire earth. Reclaim what was once yours. Sadistic human beings. Will always find comfort in your losing and pain. Even though, you built your wall's up high. Still they make the climb. They can't compete with what's on the other side. Ones who negatively speak. I encourage permanent sleep. Reborn through humanity's venom.
With confidence I say, I'm not impressed by what's "in" today. Influence myself. Empowered by I and nothing else. [Long ago] Made the conscious decision. To break away from a conventional prison. Death serves purpose, spreads it's wings. Ritualistic rebirth, I'm beckoning. Rebirth. It's what's in your heart that separates you from the rest. Try to deny that, you fucking nihilist. Never will I idolize or find trust in a deflating generation. Death serves purpose, spreads it's wings. Ritualistic rebirth.
I swear this time I'll change. And I won't look back. I'll kill the optimist in me. So many fucking wasted nights. I've never known a short goodbye. My hope and my trust have weighed me down. I've been a prisoner for too long. Can someone save me from myself? Cleanse you from my memories. Can someone save me from myself? Please save me. Release me from my heart. End these second chances. Free me from these hands that hold on far too long. Release me from my heart and this awful habit. Teach me how to let go. This is goodbye. I swear this time I'll change. This time I swear, this is the end. I swear this is goodbye. No more second chances.
Left alone with nothing more than these fractured hearts. A shattered compass to navigate this world. Until we found each other. And we banded together. Arm in arm. We stood. Arm in arm. Staring down our devils and doubters. With these walls built up so high. A reflex of despair. We trust in no one but our closest friends. They were the family, family that we never had. Everything that I wanted was right here in this room. Arm in arm. We stood. Arm in arm. With our backs to the world. We are lost. We are broken. The bastard kids of a dead generation. A hopeless road with no direction. But we'll find our way.


released May 27, 2014


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