No Dawn

by Concrete



Cassette available on Blasphemour Records.
Digital available from Fast Break! Records.
CD available from Irish Voodoo Records.


released December 23, 2016


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Cold (ft Thomas Sheehan)
Apathy is strangling me
I need more than this mundane reality
Born and raised in suffering
A ghost within flesh
Wish I’d sleep to no wake
My soul will never escape the wrath of this world
Smothered by anxiety, vexed and fractured there’s no escape
Chained to the slab, my bones eroding
Nothing can help me, I’ve fallen short
Vexed and left here, nothing can help me
I’ve lost my mind, out of time
I’ve felt the chill within my bones,
chained to the slab, I made it home
Freed from this cage, starved for more,
sparked by rage, a mind at war
Freed from this cage, starving for more, sparked by rage, a mind at war
Track Name: Omen
Each day is a gift?
Each day is a bitch
Agonizing existence, crafted by pain
Refuse to collapse, never in vain
The empty sky doesn’t answer back, reaching out for a hand that isn’t there
No new dawn, from time to time demanding death
Confined by flesh, loathing every breath, no time for rest
The coffin calls to me, yet it is not my time
Free from these shackles of demise, I hear you calling, walk this path I chose
I have no lust for sleep; I’ve made this hell my home
I’ve made this hell my home.
Track Name: Prejurer
When the gavel crashes down,
your time of judgment has come now,
no more dragging your fucking feet
your words can not be undone
your time has come, no more back pedaling now, with all your your cowardice actions, all the pain that you bestow
X’d out, cut down, sold short, and try to call us out?
Bow down, step out, distort, try to call us out?
Do your time, stay in line, walked through a field and tripped a land-mine
You’re a waste, two-timimg scum, no more shifting ground, your time has come
The jury finds you guilty of this crime, behind bars, serving time; condemn me without reason, no justification for this fucking treason.
X’d out, cut down, sold short, and try to call us out?
Bow down, step out, distort, you try to call me out.
You tried to call me out.
Track Name: Baring Teeth
These veins filled with anger
A river flows black
I’m a predator now - I attack
The cold of winter, eye to eye
Bit the hand, kissed goodbye
Feel my gaze, baring teeth
Not the victim, eyes of fire
Staring down, at deaths desire
Reap the fear, violent side
Soaked in blood, redeem my pride
I found your weakness, lower your eyes
Face me now with no disguise
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
Holding ground, bark at the night
Keep your mark – within your sight.

A coward fixed with crown, never a servant, never bow down