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no certainty a godless plea you seek out fortunes for fame you bleed devoid of faith no kings to trace to endless path without a place a shallow grave to feel the rain spirit descend, body decay the knot of wood against the grain the embrace of nothing from whence you came rebirth of fear a gasping breath into the hands the hands of death devoid of faith no kings to trace the endless path without a place into the hands of death
i haven't seen the sunlight in years. it's so cold down here. the stirrings nearby invoke only fear. i feel so lonely, unable to decipher the foreign tongues i hear. i used to be a generation’s only hope. forging ahead discovering frontiers. had i any choice that fateful day, id be pardoned from eternity. what can i do? what can i do now? the trails we blazed now awash in haze. a liaison to the lost souls seeking asylum from their woes. the purpose woven into my bones, no more, no more, no more. condemned to my watery grave.
struck down by the hand that chokes us new gods are the old gods and we're left to suffer their wrath prophets of doom construct our tomb incensed. outraged by the complete lack of compassion the arrogance of opulence is wrapped tight around our throat profits of doom have sealed our tomb as we're trampled as we're trampled under foot. the hands of the masters tighten their grip around our throat. each labored gasp for air is a resounding cry for sedition.
humanity's filth spewed across these city streets finding refuge in the allies of disgust provided with nothing to their name but a shopping cart filled with cans for change are you to blind to see that society made me a living disease as we pass in the streets you only turn your cheek you dont want to face the facts its so easy to turn your backs its a war in this concrete jungle survival of the fittest every word reigns true humanity's filth spewed across city streets of disgust humanity's filth


Out September 2nd on Blasphemour Records.
Available on 7" and Cassette at hardcoreandmetal.com


released September 2, 2016

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
See individual tracks for track credits.


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