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In Your Blood

by Excessive Force

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You said you'd always be true, but you're a weak motherfucker and you never had it in you. Suffer, slaughter, endless torture. Fuck you and things you fucking stand for. I won't candy coat the truth, and I won't hide behind the lies that made you blind. Why can’t friends just be friends, instead of fucking each other over just to get ahead? Proud to be, proud to be, straightedge, I have not yet begun to hate. Those who were, those who were. Bloodstained hands, wash the blood away. Promises made, promises broke, do unto others before they do you.
Distress 04:40
Do you think I'm blind, do you see what's happening? I'm breaking the chain and I can hear the bones breaking. Built up anger erupts into aggression, and we're waging the war against the abomination. Acceptance, I don't want. Your friendship, I don't need. This plague surrounds us, I detest. We'll abolish the evil with our hostility. This is the real life, forget about what society taught you. Destruction will reign true, you fucked it up and your ignorance will cost you. Fighting for our rights, we want the truth and we're asking no questions. Violence is the key point, we'll take it back and we're taking no excuses. We're straightedge and our standards won't lower. Foul play is the way, your prejudice I abhor. For the victims we'll relinquish the bonds that hold us back. Line them all up, the time for lynching at hand.
From Within 02:54
I walk a fine line between right and wrong. Searching for answers, not excuses, sometimes I feel alone. Don't want to look to tomorrow, I'll live my life day to day. Some things I've done I regret, but I'll turn away. From you. Wounds have healed, but scars remain, some friends have gone, I feel no pain. Seasons pass, but I have stayed true, to myself, I've proved my faith. Anger burns from within me. I won't suppress, it's what I need. I'll have revenge, just wait and see. Your blood will flow from you to me. I don't know what you want from within X2. I don't care what you want, from within. I won't turn the other cheek. Compassion for you, won't get from me. Don't look to me, you're for yourself. Extinguish your life, go fuck your guilt. Don't want to see it X3. Please don't make me see. You try to deceive through the lies I see. Twisting your views to fit your needs. Better off dead, your futures dim. Malice for you, my hate is from within.
Backtrack 03:42
Say what you want, when you want, why you want, but don't count me in. Think what you want, when you want, why you want, we're not the same. Do what you want, when you want, why you want, your shit is wearing me thin. Don't you see, what I see, think what you want, but you'll never fucking change me. Never will you see. That we are not the same. I don't expect for you to agree with me. I don't expect for you to believe in me.
Vengeance 03:08
Burned my bridges, no turning back, where do I go now? One way roads, twist of fate, there's nothing left now. Guidance I need, I'll follow my heart, hold my head high now. Backstabbing fools remove the knife, vengeance is mine now. Don't count me in as one of your kind, I'm my own person. I'll make my decisions, never will I follow blindly.
Misfortune 04:31
Look at yourself, and look at what surrounds you. Keep taking a bite, it's taking from you. Too blind to see between, we don't need you. Keep pushing and pushing and now I'm going to push you. I got time and it's time you got yours. For talking your shit behind closed doors. It's the fear in your eyes, and behind the truth lies. Always something for nothing, and it's you that I despise. I know you, you're going to do what you want to do. I see you, I won't pretend that I don't see. I hate you. I'll hunt you down you motherfuckers. And I'll find you, string them up next to each other. I'm not afraid to let it out, I'm not afraid to show my doubt.
A once warm and friendly scene, now cold and callous how it seems. People whom I once called friends, are now my enemies. No allegiance, no devotion, they'll turn their backs and they'll betray. I won't condone this heartless conduct, for it is Judgment Day. It's the day for confrontation, this outrage, has come upon us. They'll walk away and hide their faces, they won't acknowledge our existence. So malicious, time for torture, we'll lead the bastard out to butcher. Annihilation so vindictive, how does it feel, you fucking traitors? I loathe the vile and pleading voices. So much hatred, no compassion. Cast aside your vicious rumors, time has come for your confession. Agonizing truth so common, is someone like you so inhuman. Don't condemn us for our convictions, you brought upon your own persecution.
Throw your life away. Throw your life away, but don't come to me crying. Ignorance is in your blood, your cries for help I hear, but I'll ignore them. Let the course takes its toll. Go ahead and get on with it. I won't forget it. So mighty, so righteous. I've watched you fall, if you thought I had pity, you were wrong. Forget about the truth, and forget about the lies. Forget about what's said and done with never asking why. And forget about the past, and your future too. Who cares about the things I've said, just let the course run through. Stop you dead in your tracks, your plans will never happen, to infect society with your infection. Broken mind, body, you can't go far. Just who the fuck do you think you are? Martyrs for a cause, but nobody knows what the cause is for. Pushing your views, pushing your views, but these are the views that you won't stand up for.
No Excuses 04:59
Forwarned 02:40


50% of the net sale of this album will be donated to the SPCA of Wake County.


Originally released in 1995 on Life Sentence Records. Classic Straightedge Hardcore album remastered for the 20th anniversary.

Available on cassette for $6.50 (includes digital download) at hardcoreandmetal.com
First Press:
25 Red Cassettes w/ Gold ink (Sold out)
75 White Cassettes w/ Red ink


released August 18, 2015

Excessive Force were:
Joe - Guitar
Jeremy - Guitar
Justin - Drum
Richie - Bass
Dan - Vocals

Remastered by Justin Sitner of Unrestrained/Stuck in the Past


all rights reserved



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