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Family & Friends Summer Sampler 2 (FREE)

by Various Artists

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Natures law will prevail, only the strong will survive and the weak are already dead. Perversion rules this world we live in. No respect for the life were given. Freakishness is now the normalcy. Degeneration of all morality. Ancient values must not be forgot. Live with honor or the soul is lost. Strength of the mind body and soul. Reject frailty. Natures law will prevail. Only the strong will survive. All hail: the coming dawn. All hail: the return of man.
All you want is to hear my voice, and how could you not? As long as your ears have heard I've been singing my songs of hope and woe. The sacred harmonies of reformation and regret, weaving my story into your bones. Weaving my story into your soul, you cry out, and how could you not? But I need a moment, just a moment to breathe, because today I can't find the man you love, and I'm armed to the teeth. All you want is to hear my voice, my body reacts like I have no choice My best intentions possessed. Love resisting arrest. Wisdom held hostage at my own behest. There's no cover from the storm. Tears concealed in the rain, you pray for the end. As the clouds part and words return, we whisper 'goodnight.' *Let us slip into silent night where blades retract and no flames alight, now doused in silence while dreams abound until with the dawn solace resounds. **“The sun sets on the war, the day breaks and everything is new." *written by Greg Bennick. **Borrowed from Kings of Convenience.
Nine days of mourning Thoughts of love and destruction Bleeding out my veins These tattered hands stretching out to an empty sky Of misfortune and broken guilt No feeling is final Yet driven, unseen by you Only buried in dreams Sick of dreaming if God would Carry you away from the dust Nurturing the thought of humanity Shattering its will I'm tired of dreaming.. I'm tired of dreaming if you'd come back Letting go of destiny to focus on your end Haunting angels searching for a pillar of light Grim as my final self fades away into silence My screams are swallowed by God To burn your world No escape No hell more harsh than dying alone
Apathy is strangling me I need more than this mundane reality Born and raised in suffering A ghost within flesh Wish I’d sleep to no wake My soul will never escape the wrath of this world Smothered by anxiety, vexed and fractured there’s no escape Chained to the slab, my bones eroding Nothing can help me, I’ve fallen short Vexed and left here, nothing can help me I’ve lost my mind, out of time I’ve felt the chill within my bones, chained to the slab, I made it home Freed from this cage, starved for more, sparked by rage, a mind at war Freed from this cage, starving for more, sparked by rage, a mind at war
Awakened by a dying light entrapped by a numbing pain succumbing to a dying world visions of hell cloud my brain reduced to a hollow body, these nightmares realized my thoughts fade to black wasting my breath on pointless things, to tell you what I did, to tell you what I need the pain of being an outcast I spent time all alone forced to remember all the pain you bring me no reason no reason with the world burning itself this world grasps for air choking on its last mistake
I can't bury you I'm not strong enough But if I could, would I cut you away? From the past, what would bite back? Would it haunt me? Left with nothing but twisted memories Fields decay Minds raped Stuck with your bitter taste Here is the blade, cut yourself away Vows exchanged twist to nothingness Spitting in the face of the cherished I've swallowed keys and I've locked doors I bled myself on the coldest floors Crush my soul I don't want to feel
Flowers wilt when they lose the rain. And the sun will leave them dead again. For how long can we live like this? Is it eternal? Face to face, defy disgrace. The fevered death of a nation. Consent to bleed, the tyrant leads us to our decimation. Here it comes, the final word. Can I open my eyes and watch it burn. One day we will be sickened by life as we realize. Up against the wall. Our bitter freedom. A fight for survival. A means to an end, forever. How long will it take to destroy our lives under the sun? And enforce the limits that will confine us? Beyond broken eyes. I thirst for a life without hurt. Devoid of fault, without deception. Hollow eyes. There’s no god to save you, save me. Onward we march as the day grows dim. This pestilence leads to revulsion. Cannot taste the blood of the martyr until you face this revolution. One day we will forge a path of survival.
Won’t be a slave to faith No crucifixion around my throat Suffocating all thoughts We all die alone You think you're better than me Praying to your holy ghost Won't find me down on my knees I won't fight your holy war When the curtain is drawn You'll be the last to know The choices you've made Have lead you astray In time you'll learn You're born alone Die alone You'll never rise again
Say what you want, when you want, why you want, but don't count me in. Think what you want, when you want, why you want, we're not the same. Do what you want, when you want, why you want, your shit is wearing me thin. Don't you see, what I see, think what you want, but you'll never fucking change me. Never will you see. That we are not the same. I don't expect for you to agree with me. I don't expect for you to believe in me.
Human pestilence – will bring about the end Turn and look away – sickening display Corruption – infection Human pestilence – will bring about the end All shall be rid of life Forward onto death – advancing catalyst Incite the final blow – ignoring concern We are pestilence – we are bastard sons Of arrogance – dominance and greed This fate is just a faint step away This fate is just a faint step away now Forward onto death – advancing catalyst Incite the final blow – ignoring concern We are pestilence – we are bastard sons Of arrogance – dominance and greed Bloodstains on our hands It’s all come down to this Deal the final blow And end it all
This life is meant for me. A chance to learn, change and grow. With every challenge a new experience awaits. A remedy to all of my failures. A test to all the outside evils. Hope renews now. Innocence was lost last week. Fractures are a thing of the past. Forward motion on my mind. Great evils, great remedies. No one ever can take away whats mine. No one ever can take a way what is my own. No one.
Depart from your own heresy you are the one who betrayed your crown Depart the struggle is real but you let it break you down Depart Cut the dead weight out of my life there’s' nothing left for you so don't even try to explain your state tragic pathetic waste time to choose so now you are Cut loose save your breath you've been cut loose what’s the worst thing that could happen what’s the worst thing that comes to mind you'll never get back all the years you lost staring behind you'll never get back your pride if you never learn from your pain what’s the worst thing that could happen I must now Depart from you narcissistic egotistical ways Depart this is the life you choose, now in a bed of nails you lay Depart
Completely avoiding the issue. The issue here is you. Where were you? nowhere to be found. And who are you without the crown? Did you forget whats important? Closed your eyes and chose to ignore it. Always running from yourselves. Living with your hell and yourself. Mooney: Completely, Completely, Completely avoiding the issue. Completely, So Completely, Completely avoiding the issue. Looking over here, looking over there. Looking everywhere and never going anywhere. What you chose to be, what you hope to see. Another mask will never hide the same old misery.] Always running from yourselves. Any place you hope to find a way out. Living with your hell and yourself. Mooney: Cant you taste the hate. Cant you bare the weight. Cant hide from your own eyes. Its you whom you despise. The devil you know. The devil you dont know. Make the old pain look new. Sometimes I'm sorry you have to live with you] Turning the knob of a locked door. Never say I betrayed you. You betrayed you. Thoughts give life to memories that possess my mind. Reassuring, I'm unlike you. You betrayed you.
I came here for hope For a home A life of my own I came here to make a name for myself Worked my hands to the bone planting seeds, hoping for growth. I made this place my own. But the sun burnt the ground, the grass withered before my eyes. The sun burnt the ground. The grass withered. It's been a year since I've seen the rain. Since then, everything has changed. The land is dead, there's no life on the farms. My hope is gone. Dust storms cover us, Cover the sun. Living hell. I am my living hell.
I can see it in your face The way you drift away Believing that it never existed at all The time that is erased The words that will escape No reason, just leaving The fall Lower the cross, close the eyes The body will find rest With the roots, in the dirt, with the past The coldest nights are calling Her memory is failing Lights have stopped burning Accepting the dark for the dark Let what will transpire transpire The lights have stopped burning Her eyes have stopped shining World grows dark, rust has set Eroding my skin My lungs made of glass Expelling my breath The body will find rest
What does it want from me now? The lies are tearing me apart Weeks of racing torture I can’t calm the endless thoughts You have no idea Heart racing, muscles aching It comes on so fast How long can this last? And I can’t hold on On to my sanity It’s easier To just give in But I won’t give in now This is a war with myself With myself and I fight it every fucking day The dread has come back I can’t catch my breathe I can’t feel my legs I can’t feel my arms Life slips away Just another day Anxiety wins again
Expatriates Mass exodus (Repeat) Prep now post fathers Ominous Uncle Sam Not the same for which it stands One nation collapsing America's diaspora Into the heavens Escaping the earthly "gods" It's harder than we thought Expatriates Mass exodus (Repeat) Programmed evacuation GPS had you take four lefts There's no escape from this Mass Exodus Armchair paranoia Onset from the social media There's no escaping this Do not resist *End your bloodline, turn in your weapons The gain of labor stolen for do-nothings Traditions destructive anger is illness Conform to Big Brothers repressiveness Move, Waco and Ruby Ridge Murdered in their homes now they're ashes and bones Expatriates Mass exodus (Repeat)
For all the years, I've wandered long and far away Has it been so long since I last had a place to stay? Over time, I realized that the only one chasing me was me The life that I once knew now seems alien and disembodied I was forgotten, now I'm free... now if I only could let myself be I could find a new way, fear not the night, embrace the day The first time that I saw you I knew that we would spend our lives together And 40 years has passed us since that day Now I look onto your fading eyes, surrounded by the ones we love, Grateful for every last memory If I had to do it all again, I would not stay my hand Every turn that I took brought me to you, And so I let you go in endless gratitude Clarity... You are my life, for better or worse, till death do us part. Clarity... You are my light, in joy and in sorrow, I fear not the night. You are the light You are my life Fear not the night You are the night
I'm told I'm slipping away. So I push back and say I don't need you. Embraced in darkness, Trapped within my own arrogance until I'm finally lost. Putting my own hands around my throat. I black out the brightness, Im so sick, I'm so alone with love all around me. I've turn my heart into a monster. It devours all would care enough. I burn hands of those who touch. Staring at my feet and I'm hoping the ground never fades away. Or I'm destined to fall into my snake pit. I am constricted. I grit my teeth and suffer the blight, still and quiet. All the while, the poison seeps deep and I am numb. Every day I chip away at myself. Sculpting the beast inside of of me. Barricades inside my own mind. Look at me, can't you see. I am imprisoned. I black out the brightness. I embrace the darkness, I do everything I can to make myself feel hopeless. I can only hope the ground never fades. Forever housed in this cage. (Can't you see) I can't break these chains. I can't shake this pain.
Trapped inside having to hide I'll carry this curse until I die Mourning inside screaming to die you'll cast this plague until I die Because of you I'm left a stray It's because of you I feel this way I'll carve your name into my throat Just to watch you struggle as I choke I'll rip the heart from your chest just to watch you die in my hands
I resurrected a dead horse. Sent it back to the next life. I muttered same things you've all heard before. There is a sound from a small violin, detuned and wailing, hypnotizing but distant. Admitted fault with a matching apology. Blind guilt with a curse of negativity. The sour disposition, the eclipse of the sun. Where there is a will there's a way to turn it all sideways. So count on me to play the role of the thorn. The leader of the dirt. Resurrecting a dead horse. Sending it back to the next life. Muttering the same things you've all heard before.
You slipped away like sand through an hour glass Time heals all wounds they say, but time can't bring you back Forever came to soon All it takes is a moment And then he was gone Before his time Taken away Before his time I'd bend back the hands of the clock But I have to let go Responsabilitates Sive Maledictio
Mara - Numb 02:50
Nothing is perfect. I'm finally finding out we all have this struggle. I'm so sick of failing and tired of falling. I've made a mess of my life. Every day is something else I've done something wrong to you. Why do I want you? Why do I need this? When everything I am is numb. Oh God it hurts, but how can this be? When I can't feel anything. I'm watching the leaves fall without you. This wasn't my idea of happiness. I only wanted the best for you, and that wasn't me.
Take some pills. Drink your fill. In the end it all kills. Everyone’s got cancer. I don’t care. Everyone has the wrong answer. I don’t care. Take some pills. Drink your fill. In the end it all kills. I can't stand. So I crawl. I can’t continue. My teeth bleed. It doesn’t matter. And I don’t care. I don’t care. Blood Mouth
I die in my dreams to start a new beginning in a world where we choose compassion over cruelty I, I struggle to understand the brutality of man the pain he inflicts by the force of his hands we are responsible to protect and defend not harm and maim not torture and chain NO more excuses the cruelty must end a call to change the animals we defend we defend 619 million animals are killed every five days WHY!?!?!?!?!? THE KILLING MUST END end this
Decorate our villainy To justify it in your mind. Try to erase the past. Desecrate our history. The vision-impaired lead the blind. It's time to face the facts. Deceit.... Glorified atrocities We're bound to repeat. Lionize these criminals. White-wash their brutality. Try to erase the past. Lie to us in our schools. Misshape our mentality. It's time to face the facts. Deceit... Our whole record was compiled On a foundation of sand, And now we're left to wonder why, Why it won't stand.
Head held high - choices made - all the wrong ones for us Hands to shake - lives to crush Your life's work to take all From those with the least Justice sounds like poison from your lips Coward - liar - fraud Blacked heart smile wide You know you’ll never What you deserve It never works that way Evil always wins in the end Vile lying pig Your justice excludes us Coward - liar - fraud Blacked heart smile wide Maybe one day you’ll get what you deserve Get what you deserve A thousand hands around your throat A thousand tongues lashing out Each life you’ve stolen every penny you never earned Choke You coward you liar you fraud One the lives you’ve destroyed - On the pain you crave
Each day a note that, alleviates Living through the day, I hold on This desire to have wings, need to see my reflection in your eyes, soon again My heart can’t catch up Still yearning to hear, hear your voice don’t want to become, a burden need your whispers in my ear, I hold on my reflection in your eyes, in your eyes I try to run from history Still not within reach so deep inside As my heart tries to To catch up with me Solely I long for Unconditional love, trust, desire I can’t catch up


Blasphemour Records was started in 1999 by myself, Ryan Crossthread, and ever since day one, I have handled all aspects of the label. On May 29th 2016, I turn 40 years old, and I wanted to give you a gift to celebrate. So here you have that gift. 1 song for every year that I have been alive.

Thank you to all the bands on Blasphemour Records, and all of the labels and bands that contributed tracks to this sampler. We hope you will take the time to check out each song, and support the bands by buying their music and merch and going out to a show or two.

If you like what you hear, click on the song to get more info on the band, and links to more of their music.

Thank you for all the support over the past 17 years.


released April 7, 2017

Please see individual tracks for album credits.
Artwork by Ryan Blasphemour.


all rights reserved



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