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Family & Friends Summer Sampler 1 (FREE)

by Various Artists

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*The last of days * *Brings the judgement * *The greatest vengeance * *Ascends to us * *You serpents, You brood of snakes * *How could You escape the sentence * *The open mouth * *Of burning hell* *A second death for the cursed * *Gehenna* *Flames that leave nothing left * *Burning soul and Burning flesh * *You serpents, You brood of snakes * *How could You escape the sentence * *The open mouth * *Of the abyss * *Is waiting to swallow you * *Gehenna* *the burning hell*
It's easy to make a deal If you pay the price Just another reason to Cut your losses after life How do you know if You feel it in your guts? One more life lesson With the broken tusk. Uplifting is that Goddess it consumes Never feel the fire as it renews Life recycles as the flowers bloom Death. Fear. Decay. Running through the room. So I give up to start again Rather Prevail than lose again No More deception lies No More pity as the Young crow cries. Cry. It's easy to make a deal If you can't pay the price Just another reason to Cut your losses after life How do you know if you Feel it in your guts? One more life lesson With the broken tusk.
A frail disguise rusting as you weep You bury me as you gratify- Your means of hunger Your emptiness Your envy to suffer Everything you love preys on lunacy Keep me in vain and kill my dreams Cut me back Keep me gray Stitch my wounds By your veins I gave you everything yet war meant nothing To you, I'm broken and guilty Everything you love preys on lunacy Keep me in vain and kill my dreams I'm not here Out of body All is silent As I twist your fucking neck I'm barely breathing You play god fed on broken ties Burning skies reflect in my eyes
King of hell King of death Father of sin Guide my hands Erase this weakness Uncover my path My flesh My mortal curse My lust My human ruin Demon endowment Wrought iron skin Unholy triumph Writhing within Snake Your flesh Your mortal curse Your lust
abandon your dreams hopeless cries for peace we are animals of a violent breed thrown scraps in a cage driven by rage stop wishing for better and brighter days you live, you die, big fucking surprise don't put your faith into these lies off the tracks, fading to black on thin ice, won't look back forsaking everything won't turn back caution is disease the ice starts to crack my fate is mine to explore my fate is mine to endure I walk on thin ice no fear of the outcome no regrets left to spare shed this skin, no room to care but what will stop me? I've got nothing to lose. Nothing to live for. my fate is mine to explore my fate is mine to endure I walk on thin ice no fear, fuck the outcome no regrets left to spare shed this skin, no room to care I'm on thin ice.
With confidence I say, I'm not impressed by what's "in" today. Influence myself. Empowered by I and nothing else. [Long ago] Made the conscious decision. To break away from a conventional prison. Death serves purpose, spreads it's wings. Ritualistic rebirth, I'm beckoning. Rebirth. It's what's in your heart that separates you from the rest. Try to deny that, you fucking nihilist. Never will I idolize or find trust in a deflating generation. Death serves purpose, spreads it's wings. Ritualistic rebirth.
Dead quiet These roads Pure hearts with art to compose Night falls Mouths fire Hands do the work they desire I never wanted all the silence I never knew where to start Quiet the sound of our breathing This is the fear that Dead hearts beat Dead rhythms Blame the things that I couldn't say A sidelong glance is all it takes This came about the wrong way Blame the things that I couldn't say I can't speak The silence Is killing me
Whatever god you created abandoned you long ago As the infant reaches out to strangle its own mother In the depths of every poison river and in every gust of filthy wind The end is apparent, and well deserved We shuffle, heads down, willing partners in our own demise Who will stop those that care not to stop themselves? A ship of fool, sinking faster than any can bail Invent a new syndrome, follow it with a new cure For a problem that only exists because we created it Diagnose, identify, malign, you’re buried long before you’ve died And no one will miss you if you’re gone But you were never here, and now you’re fucking gone
She came trembling up the stairs eyes wide hands clutching her hair, I asked "what's wrong? Please talk to me." She said "can't you see, nothing can be done! "The tears poured down her face, something extinguished her light. She looked at me and said “nothing can save us, it wants us dead.” “Darling as the man who loves you I know what I must do...grit my teeth, clench my fists, and invite this Hell through our door.” “YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T UNDERSTAND, I'M THE DOUBT, THE FEAR IN YOUR HEAD. POUND YOUR DRUMS AND CONJUR YOUR NERVE, BUT I SEE THROUGH YOU. I SEE THE SHAME YOU LIVE WITH, A MOMENT'S REGRET AT THE FOREFRONT OF YOUR MIND. I KNOW WHY YOUR HEART RACES WITH DISTANT VISIONS OF BETRAYING MANKIND.” “I'VE BEEN WITH YOU SINCE YOUR SEED WAS SEWN AND I'VE WITNESSED EVERY STONE YOU'VE THROWN. I KNOW WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT AND WHAT KEEPS YOUR DREAMS FROM TAKING FLIGHT.” “I EXIST TO DESTROY ANY NOTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE OF BEING A HERO OR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD. YOU OPENED YOUR DOOR WITH ARROGANCE AND INSOLENCE READY TO SWING SOLELY FOR PRIDE…AND IN DOING SO, SEALED YOUR FATE.” “Since you know me so well, hear this and feel it as I do: you've threatened murder, you've wrought terror, you've tried to dismantle me from mine. With the conviction of a desperate man I have no other choice but to fight, fight"
And while the cities and kingdoms stretched for miles, Vacancy reached its tendrils through ever-branching paths. Emptiness pervaded the air with each suppressed connection, Cancer gestated in the warmth of their fragile lust. And it was not peace, but gloom that crept into their bed – Exposing a naked ugliness, and nodded its leering head. A warring triad – of absence, longing, and isolation. Left only to love the things that leave us, mislaid creations. Absence, longing, isolation Absence, longing, isolation Absence, longing, isolation Absence, longing, isolation And if we choose to smother urge, at least give it a grave. A bed of roses for carnal guilt, cradling illegible names. Love is not unclean, bestial or discrete. Shaming our starved bodies, dying incomplete. Dying unresolved, dying alone. Coalescing from indifference, escaping us all with great abandon. We would be drawn to a center, were it not for its piercing silence. Forward, altogether – they forgot. And one day, tired eyes eclipsed, Closer than anyone perceived, And falling into meager arms. So let us become each other’s fever – rising, burning. So let us become each other’s fever – fading, mending. So let us become each other’s fever – rising, burning. So let us become each other’s fever – fading, mending.
Tension builds far beyond Draining life from my mind Misgivings of myself Staring back never helps Sleepless nights foster a mind in overdrive Relentless in its will to over analyze The pounding The crushing weight Upon my chest Is never put to rest Stresses of the day multiply As anxiety never subsides To fret – to lie in a cold sweat A mind overtaken by dread The images feel too near Constant reminders of all I fear Anxiety raining down Feet remain on the ground Darkness swarms all around Here again to knock me down Free me from this numb state Darkness grips as I wait Stress cannot overtake Don’t forget to breathe
This unending pain is killing me I live this life of misery One more night's discomforting A pale horse is taking me away to my fucking grave I look for light, but I am blind No more life Is in my sight A pale horse will rise As the seas change tides For I am death I'll let the gods sort the heads
Don't wake the dead They weren't meant to come home They're just images in your fucking head when you're left alone But we'll unsuture the wound and we'll wait to bleed out and we'll reminisce about a life we never lived Sometimes a knife in the spine is all that you have left
Left alone with nothing more than these fractured hearts. A shattered compass to navigate this world. Until we found each other. And we banded together. Arm in arm. We stood. Arm in arm. Staring down our devils and doubters. With these walls built up so high. A reflex of despair. We trust in no one but our closest friends. They were the family, family that we never had. Everything that I wanted was right here in this room. Arm in arm. We stood. Arm in arm. With our backs to the world. We are lost. We are broken. The bastard kids of a dead generation. A hopeless road with no direction. But we'll find our way.
DSGNS - XIII 02:26
Gone awol and disconnected. Scramble all frequencies Well what the fuck is my problem? I am the great incinerator. A fire breathing, ember eating, self destructive motherfucker. There's no need for a grand exit or an usher to show me the door. One of many, a dime a dozen, we're starting to run out of cliches. Gone awry and disjointed. Short circuit every current. Rearrange all the coordinates Well the fuck is your problem? We are the great ruiners There's no need for a grand exit or an usher to show me the door. Born without a soul, so forgive me for being too brash and unbecoming. Send me off to hell, chant your hexes. Keep me in your seances still chant your hexes. Coward, vagrant, deviant, liar.
Deterioration A daily habit for my generation Ignorance over education Apathy by the entire nation Clouded minds Our demise No ones looking forward There's no use looking back Our planets doomed Decaying Disintegrating Too far gone to be exhumed Clouded thoughts Praise the cross All hope is lost Deterioration The greater meaning of life Devour all things, leave nothing behind The face of death laughs at mankind A living virus The Earth its host Soon we'll be nothing That time is close Clouds of darkness stir up above The hands of doom slowly reach for our throats
And we march on through the frigid night, In the shadow of our forefathers, we brave the Winter's might Soldiering across this barren land to where we'll join our kin And resist the invading warriors of Christendom who're threatening To destroy our very way of life Lay siege to the cross Don't let them gain upon your ground Fight to defend your clan Cut every last one of them down ...before they kill us all And put our women and children to their swords and burning stakes And raze our temples and destroy our lore, our tales of old Traditions handed down for eons, from the bards, we're told We must not let this be our fate.
The truth is I hope this hurts. I want to watch the pain and realization sear across and wipe that smug look from the lines in your face. I’ve worn this mask, faked these smiles, long enough to forget how they feel. Cut the edges of my mouth to mimic the perverse joy you found in sinking my soul, and in picking clean, my bones. Please tell me what I have left to atone and apologize for. My palms are skyward aching for holes. Pierce me with that martyring gaze, you always gave it so well; resembled hunter upon prey. I’m sitting here to pass the time, on this bridge bathed in violent light. Engulfed in its golden demise, howling like a madman, match in hand.
forced to fight A battle you can’t win salvation, something you cant buy reek of fear Better pray Cause the end is near sent off to die never ask why salvation, something you cant fucking buy reek of fear end is near formation of death takes every last breath march down the line straight to your grave blind obedience confused with brave
Screams of torment Innocent life Unanswered calls Forced genocide Tortured souls Will never end In a mercy seat Of the condemned See the pain, see the suffering, see the slaine Face the death Stare in eyes Take their place Forgotten lives Blooded hands It's your demise Animals forsaken Future of lies The mercy cries Will never die A killing blow Let the murder flow
I spent my whole life staring at the sun my eyes have since been scorched I've never believed that there was a god and now I'm living proof he doesn't exist I can't see the light I've grown blind to see there's nothing ahead of me I've let the darkness encase me I've grown accustomed to no sight in front of me I've let the devil encase my heart and now I can see what I'm meant to be I'm the fear in your eyes I'm the chill crawling up your spine I'm the weight holding heavy on your chest I'm the demon made flesh and I'm here to wreak havoc to burn this world to its core I'm everything you are afraid of I used to be but now I realize what I'm meant to be I'm the demon I'm the curse and I'm here to bring the hell fire I'll be the last for I am cursed let it rain
STAINED RED Emotionless... The stare in my eyes Emotionless... Screams caress my every move Your blood on my hands You'll never feel alone The white curtains stained red Your warm embrace... I rejoice Your deep blue eyes... A love forlorn I am supreme to all supreme beings I am your savior out of this world Your blood on my hands Your life in my hands Emotionless I stab... ENTER WITHIN THE LUST DIVINE It was a cold morning that day... And the fog had left drops of water on her angelic face I couldn't understand her name The noise of traffic interfered with the conversation I noticed her blue loving eyes... Deeper than a ocean... I wanted to be able to ignore those eyes I wanted to resist the temptation To indulge into your mind... ... How I once envied your stinking life... Feel me enter you deeper... deeper... Merciless Pursue emotion - Pursue euphoria Manducation - Art of the prodigal son Blood warms the faces of the ones I love Stiff... The cold corpse, ready for the semen-rites So become madness... Become rage Tell me how it feels to be me Obey me - The lord impaler Enter within the lust divine
Shape shifter fuck You sketchy shit Keep your distance Or you'll get hit My patience with you Is wearing thin I tried to be nice But now i quit You've crossed me fool & others too We all knew you were never true Straight edge & sobriety Fucking mean something to me You dipped in for a year or two To acquire some shit tattoos You've crossed me fool & others too We all knew you were never true Shut your fucking mouth Little twerp with something to prove No one gives a fuck about you Or the shit you constantly spew Fake ass mother fucker You're so fucking lame Sold out all the principles That you fucking claimed Keep my name outta your mouth Unless you wanna get hit Get your face outta my face Before I loose my shit Get out Stay the fuck away WE ALL KNOW YOU'RE A LIAR


Blasphemour Records has teamed up with our friends to bring you 32 tracks of hardcore and metal for free.

Thanks to everyone that participated.


released April 6, 2017


all rights reserved



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